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joshsfrogs 10-06-2021 01:58 PM

Pictus Ground Gecko - Paroedura pictus (Captive Bred)
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Defining characteristics:
  • Mid-sized terrestrial gecko
  • Nocturnal
  • Active hunters
  • Easy to keep and breed
  • Handles well over time

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Recommended Enclosure Size: A single animal or pair can be kept in an 12x12x12 enclosure, and a trio can be kept in an 18x18x12 enclosure. A male can be housed with multiple females, but males should never be housed together. A substrate that will hold some moisture works best for this semi-arid species.

Size: Pictus ground geckos reach around 4”-6” inches from head to tail as adults!

Age: Pictus ground geckos are at least 4 weeks when sold by Josh’s Frogs, at which time they are well established. It is estimated that these geckos live for 5 - 10 years in captivity.

These geckos blend in quite well with their surroundings. They have shades of brown, rust and cream with black outlining their markings with a cream underbelly. Babies have high contrast colors that dulls with age. Patterning can differ, with individuals being either banded or having a stripe down the back. Patterns become more mottled over time, though some characteristics, such as the stripe, may be retained.

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