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Katie.Shinkle 12-11-2016 04:36 AM

Bioactive Enclosure for Mice
Yup, you read that correctly. I really want to set up a bioactive tank for a few of my female mice. Why? Just for fun, and a neat display piece.

The biggest issue I can see is using any sort of microfauna, or similar, cleaner crews. The enclosure can't be humid, so I'm not sure how to keep them alive and breeding. Thought about maybe using some dubia roaches, but not sure if they'll munch on the mouse poop, or if the mice would just eat them up. Maybe worms as well?

There's also the plants...I was thinking the best plants to use would be some sort of semi-fast growing grass that the mice can munch on without decimating. Maybe a few types of moss would work as well.

Of course, there isn't much info out there for bioactive mice enclosures. Well, none that I can find. I've read a few things about people keeping them on soil, but nothing further than that.

If anyone can provide any sort of advice, it would be greatly appreciated! Or if I'm just nuts, and this project is doomed to fail, let me know. I'll probably still try it, but my hopes won't be as high, hahaha!

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