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Freakboy 09-01-2005 12:27 AM

NC law about Dangerous Animals, any news???
I may be slow on the uptake, but i have just recently heard about this law that is supposed to be passed in NC. From what i can gather, it bans what the state considers to be "dangerous animals". The part that i am concerned about is the line that reads, "any boid that may reach 8 feet in length or more". I have just purchased several BCIs and a couple of Carpet Pythons.
What does this mean for us who are just trying to own some nice pets and possibly make a little money to help with the expenses? Or anyone, for that matter, who might just own one as a pet?
And what about those who have very good businesses in NC breeding larger reptiles? How can the state just ban ownership and breeding colonies that may have bee in use for years?
Maybe i am reacting too soon, or possibly wrong about the whole thing....
I hope so anyway

The BoidSmith 09-01-2005 01:02 AM


And what about those who have very good businesses in NC breeding larger reptiles? How can the state just ban ownership and breeding colonies that may have bee in use for years?
Did you read the thread on the NY ban on this same forum? I'm not aware what's spelled out in the NC one but the other one might help you out understand the rationale behind it.


Freakboy 09-01-2005 01:21 AM

Thanks Dan,
I did see the post on NY. I was actually looking to see if anyone else had asked the question before me about NC Law. But i do not even begin to think i understand the legal jargon on those proposals. I have read the proposal for NC all the way through, including the fines, regulations etc. Although, it is pretty broad only on the Boid section, which intrigues me. Who determines what the "attainable length" of every species of boid might be? My father has a 17 year old boa that is only 6 1/2 feet in length. Would that be illegal, just because a few boas might be 8 feet or more?
Seems kinda fuzzy to me....
Just a thought.

Clay Davenport 09-01-2005 01:39 AM

For the present the bill is on hold. It started several months ago and we responded with an email and phone campaign to the state legislature.
The result was the bill would be tabled basically and a committee formed to investigate the matter including the potential economic impact such a ban would have on state reptile breeders and pet shops.
It's not over but the final result, when it does come, will not be nearly as restrictive. As long as we stay diligent anyway. Venomous and the big four are still in danger of being banned at some point unfortunately.
We'll know more when the bill begins to be discussed again.

Here is a link to the thread where it is discussed. The bill is talked about beginning a few posts into the thread.

Freakboy 09-01-2005 02:15 AM

Clay, Thanks for the info. I actually had just returned to this site from another site with an article from The Raleigh News and Observer. I would post the article, but i am not sure on the copyrite laws of that. Anyway, it enforced what you said in your earlier post. If anyone can let me know about the copyright laws i would be happy to post the article as i have it saved as a word document.
Also, i believe i have a couple of reptiles from you Clay, through the Raleigh Show.
Anyway, keep up the good work, and let us know if there is anything we can do in the future about this law....... :-)

stinkerbellsmom 09-01-2005 07:54 PM

Theres no way the government is taking away my snakes, what will be next; They tell us when to have sex!

Clay Davenport 09-02-2005 12:30 AM

TN is already pretty strict concerning reptiles. No venomous, native colubrids banned on the species level so it includes dozens of species not native to anywhere near the state.... Very poorly written legislation.
We talked very briefly about moving to TN at one time. It won't happen as long as my reptile collection is what it is currently.

bluesbayou 01-02-2007 05:20 PM

It sounds as if NC is trying to go that route. There is talk that there are alot of PETA types who are influencing the legislation on the proposed bans. It doesn't make it any better when they hear stories about "giant pythons from the Everglades" all over the news. There was alot of oposition to this bill this year and to be honest I think the only reason it didn't get signed is because people spoke out about it. Half the time these things go into law with out people even knowing about them. There is a county in CA right now who is banning public addoptions of animals??? Why?? Because the HSUS. isn't making a profit???
Freakboy - I can't remember the web site I went to to sign the petition on this but at least for us in NC there is an organization that will fight for us as long as we back them.. I will get it to you when I get home or sooner if I come across it... Heck I could just call you with it, your a local call for me!!

Phil Bradley 01-27-2008 02:59 PM

Signing a petition is great.....
but it is only a very small step in the process. If you are interested in having a voice in the types of animals you would like to keep and learn from then become involved in every herp related society/org that you can. Here are a few for NC (we are lucky that in this state our scientists, conservationists, and hobbyists work together to achieve common goals):

NCARK http://www.ncark.org/
NCPARC http://www.ncparc.org/
NC Herpetological Society http://www.ncherps.org/

Keeping/breeding snakes is wonderful and was my sole focus for years but learning from various naturalists and working to keep habitats intact has become equally exciting.

millipede 04-29-2015 05:33 PM

ALERT, THIS BAN HAS BEEN RE-INTRODUCED: http://melissaasmith.hubpages.com/hub/North-Carolina-Exotic-Animal-Ban

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