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Varanoid523 07-13-2021 01:39 AM

Average Price for a Pilbara Rock Monitor?
Asking because local shop is selling and I want to make sure I'm not overpaying. Any help is appreciated

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E.Shell 07-13-2021 07:19 AM

Use the search function here:
At a glance, I see lows of $350, and a high of $600... Look through the ads and see what a true average is.

Mbeers143 07-13-2021 08:35 AM

It’s all about availability - I paid about 1200 for mine, and had to drive out to PA to pick him up (breeder met me halfway from Maryland). Personal experience only, but before I found that breeder, I could find no one that had either A) had bred stock that they were willing to part with or B) had any surplus animals at the time that they were willing to part with. I had no problem paying that amount, as it was the dwarf monitor species I was most searching for.

jason910910 07-13-2021 09:03 AM

Your 300 to 600 would typically be for a male. Surian farms sells his unsexed 850 as juvies. Realistic price is 850 up to 1250 for juvies and for a Breeder female anywhere from 1200 up to 2000. If you can find them. I purchased a group of 4 for 5k. With only one being sexed even though it it turned out to be opposite of what was told to me.

Cheri61 10-31-2021 10:39 PM

You get what you pay for! Saurian Farms and a few other breeders have exceptional monitors. If you see them available for crazy low prices something is very wrong! Amazing monitors!

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