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FCReptiles 07-01-2003 10:22 PM

Chameleons chameleons chameleons*price list 7-1-2003
Here is our current price list for chameleons.

The following chameleons are w.c imported 6-7-2003, and (except for gravid females) have been treated 3 consectutive times since 6-7-2003, and should be considered parasite free.

3 pairs of gravid c.werneri Left** these girls are getting bigger, and are becoming increasingly active. This species really needs some more captive breeding projects, because I believe they will not be available in the trade for much longer. They are $165/pair which includes all shipping and box charges(gravid pairs come with an adult breeding size male).

Regular pairs of c. werneri(not apparently gravid $150 shipped to your door.

1.1 pairs of dwarf fishers chameleons $100/pair shipped to your door(adults)

1.1 pair of Rhampholean brevicaudatus $75/pair shipped to your door.

4.10 Rhampholean uluguruensis*this is an awesome species of Rhampholean, that is unlike other rhampholean, due to the fact that they have blue eye turrets. this stunning species reaches a maximum lengh of approx 4 inches, and makes an affordable first time desk top chameleon.

They are 0.1 for $40, 1.2/$110 1.3/$140 2.3/$175, and so on(add $25 for shipping and handling). Many females are gravid with palpatable eggs.

1.1 Tamatave Red panther chameleons* male is from Kammerflage Kreations bloodline. young adult, with plenty of breeding left in them, female has produced one clutch of eggs thus far, and may be gravid again. Top quality animals $800/pair, includes fedex priority overnight shipping!!

We accept and prefer paypal for payment, for ordering instructions contact,

Nick Mole
First Choice Reptiles

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