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WebSlave 04-22-2003 02:29 PM

Breeding frenzy..
I had an interesting observation the other night that really cracked me up.

I had just put a male into a female's cage and set it back on the shelf, When I came back a few moment's later I saw the male going berserk. He was corkscrewing his body all over the cage and it took a moment for me to figure out what in the world he was doing.

You know how the male will ride on the female's back following her all over the cage? Well, this dummy somehow got onto his own back and he wound up looking like a mini-tornado in his frantic attempts to crawl up his own back to his own head.

Man, I needed that comic relief! I laughed for a hell of a long time over that one. How I wish I had had a videocam in hand at that time. It was absolutely hilarious!

cowboyway 05-07-2003 02:59 PM

Doin' the wild thang...
I can just picture that...:scatter:
I've never heard of such a thing... but I can't say that anymore.
It's kinda like wrasslin' a greased pig at the State fair, I would reckon, you think you got it...
bam!, it gets away from ya'. ;)

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