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WingedSweetheart 02-13-2013 03:51 AM

Kingsnake Genetics Help
I have a question concerning genetics in California kingsnakes. I'm wondering if I breed a co-dom morph would the non visual babies be het for that morph?

I understand recessive genes pretty well. But I don't really know how co-dom works. I did breed my "tire track" (guess that what he's called) with a dot-dash stripe and got a clutch half "tire track" and have dot-dash stripe. Meaning that this "tire track" look is also co-dom which I didn't know before hand. But I'm curious if the non dot-dash babies are het for "tire track" and vise versa with the "tire track" babies being het stripe? Or will there be no hets with co-dom parents?

Also why the heck are tire track so dang rare? I thought it was supposed to be common. But do a google search on it and all you will see are snakes that are not tire track kingsnakes and pictures of my snakes! I always assumed it was just some random pattern that popped up in mosaic clutches. But my guy isn't random he proved to be co-dom. So I don't understand why there isn't more hanging around out there.

I personally don't like the name tire track.

hhmoore 02-13-2013 10:48 AM

I haven't worked with kingsnakes in about 15 yrs, so I'm useless as far as morph information....but the genetics terms are not unique, so this might help:
A codominant trait is one in which the normal form, heterozygous form, and homozygous form are all visibly different from one another. You can tell a heterozygous from a normal or a homozygous at a glance.
With that knowledge, think of co-dom morphs as visual hets; because that is what they are. (Sorry I can't plug in applicable king morphs, to make this clearer).
Take what you know about recessive traits, and substitute codom for het...the homozygous form has different names, depending on the type, and I can't put that in kingsnake terms.

het x normal = 50% normal, 50% het
het x het = 25% normal, 50% het, 25% homo
het x homo = 50% het, 50% homo
homo x homo = 100% homo
Now, unlike working with recessives, the hets are clearly different from the normals; so you don't have to deal with 50% het, 66% het, 100% het. They are either het, or they aren't.

WingedSweetheart 02-14-2013 12:13 AM

Thank you for the info.

I plan on breeding this "tire track" pattern into color morphs. Still wish I knew if that's already been done or not. I can't find squat on the subject.

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