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WebSlave 03-13-2009 04:27 PM

Smart appliances?
Yeah, we've been reading about artificial intelligence being manufactured into home appliances, automobiles, and just about everything electronic for years now. Well I for one certainly hope they do that soon. And I hope he first thing that is programmed into their little electronic brains is the FEAR OF DEATH if they don't do what they are designed to do. Of course, once that happens, we'll be in the uncomfortable position of having our appliances lying to us. The toaster will tell us our bread is REALLY toasted, even when it is not. The refrigerator will tell us that everything inside is nice and cold, regardless of everything thawing out in the freezer section. And our cars will emit engine noises from the speakers of the stereo even when the car won't actually start.

So will killing a smart machine then be considered as murder? And will PETA (a new branch: People for the Ethical Treatment of Appliances) find a new banner to parade around and form human blockades at the dump to keep smart appliances from being discarded while merely injured? Will smacking or kicking a recalcitrant TV become illegal? What do you do when your vacuum cleaner escapes? And how will you take it the first time your coffee machine curses at you for not cleaning it out? God help us if the appliances then get smart enough to discover the ability to have vengeance..... :eek:

Yeah, getting tired of things just breaking on me, but not sure I'm ready to deal with an entire new race of miniature terminators in the house that result from trying to get things better.

Cheryl Marchek AKA JM 03-13-2009 05:42 PM

Nope~ no way..........
I often wonder what my dog would say if she could speak~ and then I'm greatful she can't tell others......."When she thinks no one is around she ............" Fill in the blank with your imagination.....I'm not helping the dog tell tales on me! And I'd refuse to own an appliance I thought might tell stories

I can hear the coffee pot now......... "Man......You know she talks to the DOG!! On a regular basis and tells that dog some really juicy stuff! ~ I swear to Starbucks I'm not making this crap up! And she didn't wash her hands before she made the coffee your drinking.........."

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