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neilg 06-03-2015 05:45 PM

Beat 9wk Bunny to Death with Bicycle Pump LOTA to show Animal Rights 'Hypocrisy'
Live on the air, Danish radio show host ASGER JUHL admittedly repeatedly beat a 9wk old rabbit purchased at pet shop to death with a bicycle pump.



[i]"(CNN)A 9-week-old rabbit was killed during a live radio show in Denmark to highlight the "vast hypocrisy" of people when it comes to animal welfare, Radio24syv said in a statement on their website.

"It was not just a joke, killing the rabbit and throwing it out; it was eaten," Jorgen Ramskov, managing director and chief editor at the station based in Copenhagen, the country's capital, told CNN.

"The radio presenter [Asger Juhl] grew up on a farm and he had some very detailed instructions from a person working at a zoo who kills rabbits for food for animals at the zoo, and he killed the rabbit." He also said the discussion with Aalborg Zoo from the same city was aired on the show before the rabbit was killed.

"When you hit the rabbit at the neck with a stick, it's not killed, it's just getting unconscious and then you kill it by twisting the neck. That's how you do it and that's how it was explained by the person at the zoo"[/I

gosh wonder if animal cruelty (especially publicly flaunted animal cruelty!) is an imprisonable offense like it here in many of the united state; just a couple ple months ago a 30yo Alabama man was sentenced to 99 yrs in prison 'just' for 'neglecting' and thus allowing to 'starve' some collies on his grandparents' property! http://www.opposingviews.com/i/socie...ruelty-charges

hmm, uhh would u rather starve to death or beaten to death; which would be more cruel if either?

well in either case; do u believe Danish man should be punished for this publicly flaunted clubbing of a *pet* rabbit to death to somehow demonstrate *farmed* rabbits are perfectly edible thus there exists a hypocrisy or double standard, per his argument.

the petition:


allreptiles1966 06-07-2015 09:03 AM

That sucks!! Child molesters get way less than half that time! Something is wrong with our system if a guy starves a dog and gets more time than a piece of crap that molests a child!!

I've harassed more child molesters in my time and know. they only get a couple years. I say shoot the molesters and the guy for starving the dogs! Both are useless pieces of garbage!!

Inret 06-25-2015 01:25 PM

Killing a rabbit with a priest (A heavy object that you bludgeon them with- in this case, a bike pump I suppose) is a totally valid way of killing a rabbit. I don't cull my meat rabbits that way (I use a piece of all thread and pop their necks) but plenty of people do. So is smacking them in the back of the neck/head and twisting their heads to sever the spinal cord and everything else. If the rabbit was eaten, and they say it was, this is 100% valid. Pet rabbits can become meat just as easily as meat rabbits can become pets. And 9 weeks old is definitely within range to harvest as meat if it's a heavy breed. I do mine anywhere between 8 and 16 weeks depending on how they're filling out. It leaves you with a tender, good sized rabbit roast.

His reasoning is poorly put out there, but as long as it was eaten this dude did nothing different than a heck of a lot of rabbit keepers do every time it's time to cull a litter for the freezer. Death isn't pretty for livestock. You just do it as quick as you can and make sure they have a happy life while they're around.

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