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From what I have been reading, the incubation period is from 1 to 14 days. The infected person is contagious during this period while being asymptomatic.

So you could be infected by the virus, not be showing any symptoms whatsoever, and be infecting people all around you without realizing it.

It also means that although some people may not have serious symptoms, they are infectious to people who might have severe symptoms from the infection.

"Symptoms seem to be mild cold/flu for a few days, then improvement followed quickly by pneumonia."

There is no cure for it after you get infected. Either your immune system can handle it, or it can't. There is no vaccine for you to take to help keep you from getting infected.

Apparently no one knows, or no one is saying yet, how easily the virus is spread from one person to the next.

Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1254931

I think if I were going to design a weaponized pathogen, it would have exactly this sort of characteristic concerning contagion. Infected parties could have up to two weeks to spread it around before they even realized they were infected. Everyone suspected of having the virus would have to be quarantined for maybe 3 weeks after the last possible exposure before they could be green lighted. This would overwhelm medical facilities rather quickly.

Hope that it isn't too late for containment...