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2020 Northern Australian Skinks

2020 Northern Australian Skinks

FT_ _: Female Tank #_ _

FT11’s: Turner white x F1. Really really excited about these! I have a huge female that I acquired second hand from a friend with really light/high white patterning and I paired her up with a male that comes from Austin Molyneux. This male was produced from a 20+ year-old female that was wild collected. My male (first generation Captive bred F1) has a huge head and forearms and his strong genetics shines through to his offspring. The babies I produced were born bigger and with more of an attitude and I think this comes from their stronger genetics. I’m holding back a few for myself but making a few available. I think these would make great out-crossings to strengthen lines. 7 available! $450 +Shipping

FT07’s: 2018 female I produced myself crossed with a Jeff Greene Red male.
This female’s mom has produced some weird stuff that seems to come out of nowhere! I’ve got some high yellows, reds and even some crazy darks from 2018 and 2019 that I held back. I guess that is the natural variation that is found in these guys in the wild! This year I produced mostly classic looking ones with bright yellows (I have a feeling a few might darken up as well). A few individuals have orange and red in-between the top bands. 9 available! $400 + Shipping

FT12’s: James Fenn Red x James Fenn Red. This male has proven to produced lavas so that was the hope for this pairing. Most babies are still on their first shed so I am still waiting to list them for another few weeks to see how their colors develop! Message me if you are interested. I just had another female drop as well with some really great reds/pink colorations (10 available) $550-$650 +Shipping

All the babies I have listed for sale are flawless in every way! No missing toes or tail nips. They are genetically solid and growing at a great rate. All are eating like champs on high quality grain free dog and cat food supplemented with reptile multivitamins and calcium D3. I have more listed than pictured. I’m a professional reptile keeper and not a photographer so trust me they are even more beautiful in person!!!
Text me at (626) 399-9457 for more pictures or information

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