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Originally Posted by Dennis Hultman View Post

Gosh, I think I'm going to have to state something controversial.

Oh my God, she mention the word God! Hurry, hit her with a stick!

Hmm, paraphrase "So you respect her religion but shut up about it and never mention that word, shutter "God". After-all, I'm an atheist and you'll respect my beliefs by never mentioning yours? WTF!

Sounds about right.

Lucille doesn't go around preaching her religious beliefs in any posts that I can think of but the one time she mentions GOD she is quick to be cut down about it.

Look, there are a lot of atheist on this forum. There are a lot people who have a lot of different beliefs. I myself have stepped out of line in some criticism in the past (Something about someone who believed they were a vampire and I made a lot of jokes about it) but come on.

You see it used to be and still is to some extent depending on what type of forum you are on that atheist would get attacked for not believing. Now it seems just the mere mention of the word GOD sends atheist into panic mode.

You mention GOD. Oh no you didn't, Whomp! You don't respect her beliefs. You don't. You just want her to respect yours by not mentioning GOD period.

One who is religious and believes in GOD would say, GOD bless You, He/she is with god when someone passes. You show no respect by telling people to shut up because you don't believe what they believe.

All you want is none to say nothing because you believe nothing. That is respect to you? No, respect would be to allow a religious person to state "he is with GOD" "He is with his maker" that is what religious people do.

If you don't believe that, then say I don't believe in GOD but lets not tell people to shut up because they believe when someone dies they are with GOD and they state it.

"Let's not mention religion" When somebody dies! When else would a religious person mention it? Come on!

How dare she.


By the way, if you think I'm only saying this because I have a firm belief you would be wrong. I'm just tired of people belittling people who do have a belief and also when someone has none. She didn't hurt anything with her comment and to be respectful of other peoples religion or lack of it doesn't mean you should never mention your own. Particularly at a time mentioning it is part of your belief system.

Personally, I'm getting kind of partial to the Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory. May God have mercy on my soul.
Thank god someone said it.
Dennis, probably the best post I've read on here since...well...ever. I might print it out and frame it for some people I know.
Cheers to you sir.