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Whenever I read news reports of keepers getting their entire collections confiscated and sent to the "humane" society (probably to die) because some vindictive neighbor saw a technically illegal animal through the window I shudder. I'd be nervous about a knock on my door from the animal control folks.

It is really good that you're so happy with boas. I've never kept one (just a bit big for my tastes) but they sound like lovely snakes.
Good thing is, I have no neighbors!! And many acres. Thereís 5 house on my 4 mile rd. 2 ive known since I was about 20. 2 are family and known my whole life.
So it would have been fine. Youíd have to be in a helicopter to see into my back yard. Or google earth. And I wasnít 100% sure I would have bought. Now my other house is different. And the one bad neighbor we had did call the cops on me for being outside with my 9í coral girl. Obviously nothing happened.
And none of us are perfect and follow all laws!! So I would be willing to break this minor bs law if I really wanted a retic. Why not? Cops or animal control donít scare me or make me nervous. Itís a minor infraction. No issues with the btm yet. Lol.