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It's a minor infraction for you and usually a death sentence for the animal because you're not given the opportunity to take the animal out of state to someone who can legally keep it.
As stated, I know the lady who gets all illegal animals in Albany county. And sheís a good friend. Iíve hooked her up with albinos and sunglows for her rducation classes. Sheís the only Nys certified animal rescue here in our county. Sheís brought in any situation sheís needed. So if I did decide to illegally own one, it would be safe. If they came to take it. And Iím pretty sure tgat Dec is not coming for me and 1-2 illegal animals. If they wanted to do anything, they can bust people all day long on cl selling retics and burns. But they donít push that. Even in NYC they seem to not spend time trying to rid all the illegal animals owned bred and sold in cl.
But we donít need to worry about that anyways, Iím not getting one. Only because of their nasty elimination process. Lol. My boas clean up nicely. Only the urates are like dried clay.