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2022 Hatch Pituophis

This season hatching is under way and off to a great start.

Pituophis c annectens

Alpine Snow x Alpine Snow microscale , first ever clutch sired by my F1 'microscale'

In general snows tend to start out with that pinkish tone with white , however this clutch has a couple of 'white on white 'individuals.

Here are pics of the white pheno to illustrate , same snake , pics taken in different light settings..

Continuing with annectens , for the second consecutive season my pairing of Lavender Albino x Green Snow have yielded another exciting new Snow phenotype.

Another positive result from my one of a kind Hypo jani , he sired a clutch of 12 large eggs , 11 were fertile and all 11 hatched.
Somewhat of a landmark clutch