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Diego Velarde
Originally Posted by Uroboros View Post
I'd let him settle after feeding.

Then, I'd start getting him on F/T asap.

That's exactly why. What if the rat had bitten the eye? What then?
Yes, I agree with your comment. Most of the snakes in my collection are F/t eaters. I have successfully switched them to f/t since most of them were on live when i got them. But like I mentioned, this guy has been a pain in the butt since I got him. He wouldn't eat, he would only take live asf. and those are either hard to find or expensive around here. He started taking scented rats a few months back and now he takes unscented rats no problem. The next step is to definitely switch him to f/t as I hate dealing with live rats or mice and is much safer. I just hope he does not go food shy on me again. Thanks

P.S The blood on its head was from the bleeding rat. I just wiped it down (couldn't stop myself)