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2015 Availability

Here's our list of what we currently have available. These are all this years hatchlings...
Pinstripe double het Vpi Axanthic and Pied male $300
Double het Axanthic and Pied male $200
Pied m/f $300/350
Het pied females $75 with a free male if you want him
Double het Lavender and Vpi Axanthic male $200
Pinstripes male $30
Axanthic m/f $50/100
Axanthic pinstripe male $200
Pinstripe het Axanthic female $110
Het Axanthic m/f $20/40
Jigsaw het Clown male $300
Pinstripe het Clown male $100
Het Clown female $75
Super pastel male $75
Super Mojave m/f $200/250
Mojave m/f $50/75
GHI Spider male $450
Spider m/f $30/60
GHI male $300
Mojave spider male $100
Jigsawblast male $150
Lemonblast male $75
Jigsaw male $75
Normals $10

Reasonable offers are always considered but please, donít make an offer unless youíre ready to send payment. Shipping is a flat $60($40 within Florida) and local pickup is always welcomed in the New Port Richey, Florida area.
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