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Hi there, for one thing your night temp. being 90 or close to it is way too high. If your house doesn't get below 67 at night you don't need any night heat. If you need night heat, use a CHE [ ceramic heat emitter ] to keep the temp. around 70-75 at night. He does need a 100F basking temp. during the day, the " cool" side no more than 82F. Can you post pics of his set up , including placement of the light and list the exact type of lights you have ?

Be sure the roaches are not too large [ smaller than the space between his eyes for sure ] If he has not poo'd in a few days he may be impacted. Be sure to offer water orally using an eyedropper or spray [ gently ] with a spray bottle directly on his snout. You can also offer a bit of watered down baby food squash/sweet potato/prunes with a few drops of live oil via syringe if he seems constipated/impacted.