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Ultramel okeetees, last two available

I only have two females left from 2019 babies. Surprisingly, 2 of the best! For the past 5 years I have bred 2.2 unrelated outstanding adults. Adults came from Don Soderberg, Graham Criglow, Walter Smith. The one thing that all the offspring have in common is nice, heavy borders.

I have 0.1 ultramel(SOLD) from my high white pair, 0.1 high white extreme RO, (ON HOLD)also from the high white pair.
Here are a few pics.

# 1 is female ultramel from high white pair, (SOLD)
#2 is female high white RO. (ON HOLD)

see some more pics of some previous offspring/siblings, by scrolling thru the messages below.

ultramels --- $125 0.1
High white RO's -- $75 0.1

I guess I do have a high white RO male, but he is not eating well, yet.

Shipping is $60 for up to 3 snakes, quantity and past customer discounts, best way to reach me is email, lakewaymedical@hotmail.com, also cell phone for texting, 512 626 0278

Thanks, Brad Lichtenhan
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