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This is a book that I read quite a long time ago -> The Coming Plague

It is quite an eye opener, even as old as it is. Quite honestly, I'm actually surprised that humanity hasn't had a full blown pandemic recently. The cards seem to be stacked against us with more an more pathogens getting to be drug resistant, drug companies ceasing research into new drugs because of the hurdles that are in place via regulations, and humanity as a whole being much more mobile giving a virulent contagious organism just about everything in it's favor.

Quite honestly, I think I would much rather see humanity succumb to a nuclear holocaust rather than having to watch myself and everyone else around me die a slow agonizing death from some pathogen that causes death by drowning in your own bodily fluids.

Heck, I am amazed that malaria hasn't made a strong comeback into the southeastern USA yet. I think about that every time I smack a mosquito sucking the blood out of my arm.

Just a matter of time, I guess.