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The problem with "locality" concerning identifying an animal is that it is an arbitrary designation. Any line denoting a locale, except in the case of an island population or other actual physical barrier would have to be arbitrary.

Take the designation "Okeetee Corn Snake", for example. Okeetee plantation has a legal property boundary but no physical barrier blocking the movement of animals into nor out of that area. So if you catch a corn snake 10 foot on the outside of that boundary, what is it? If it is heading towards that boundary line, should you wait for it to cross that 10 ft. to become an "Okeetee Corn Snake"? Prior to crossing the boundary, is it just a Normal Corn Snake? If it is coming FROM that boundary, do you just chalk it up to bad luck on your part for not getting there earlier so you could have captured it while it was still an "Okeetee Corn Snake"? Or do you just say "close enough" and call it a day, bagging up that "Okeetee Corn Snake" you just caught, in your mind justifying extending the boundary that necessary, but arbitrary, 10 feet?

Yeah, I know the argument against locality can seem arbitrary and capricious, but not any more or less so than the argument FOR locality determinations. IMHO, anyway.