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Thanks for sharing its important for people in the hobby to read and critique this

This article is very contradicting. Insinuates This arapaima is a new invasive species and like lionfish, arapaima feed on commercially important fish, increasing their threat to the economy" meanwhile the one that was found was DEAD.
#1 "There is no evidence that arapaima have reproduced in the wild in Florida,"

#2 "someone could have brought it here already dead and let it go just to start some (expletive). There's no telling. We don't know."

#3 "they can even die in water that's 60 degrees or colder. However, they could survive in the waters of extreme southeast Florida." I spent over 20 years living in Southeast Florida and waters DO GET BELOW 60 F

#4 "there is likely more in Florida," What makes the Dr. Say that......The presence of a dead one that had no evidence of being mated how do I know TRUST ME THEY would have said if it was pregnant

This article is EXACTLY like If I found a Dead Polar Bear in the everglades and reported it as a possible new invasive species. The FL FWC is really getting disgusting in their scare tactics they are using to gain publicity and media attention for themselves.