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Doesn't anyone else find humor and irony about the most invasive species on the planet getting it's panties in a wad over some other less invasive species showing up where it "doesn't belong"?

That being said, it seems to me that if some organism winds up on some foreign shore by a "natural" means (whatever that may be), that is OK. But woe betide any organism that chooses some mechanism by the hand of mankind to do the same thing.

Isn't that really just splitting hairs concerning HOW something got to where it is now getting a foothold in extending it's range? What makes one method natural and another unnatural? And what natural law excludes mankind from being used in such endeavors by nature?

Or is there some other natural law that dictates that the ranges of all species must be now locked in concrete based on what and where it is NOW, and they can never be allowed to show up elsewhere without being considered as