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What about Corn Snakes, very easy to keep and quite tolerant and docile, not sure of the laws in Georgia...But Corn Snakes are a fantastic beginner snake.
Nope. Not legal. Maybe a ball python then.

I think almost all colubrids are off the list:

Here is the list taken from GA Dept of Wildlife:

Reptiles and Amphibians

Alligator Snapping Turtle
Black Racer
Bog Turtle
Box Turtle (Eastern, Florida, Gulf Coast, Three-toed)
Brown Snake
Corn Snake
Crayfish Snake (Glossy, Striped)
Crowned Snake (Southeastern, Central Florida)
Diamondback Terrapin
Earth Snake (Rough, Smooth)
Fence Lizard
Flatwoods Salamander
Florida Worm Lizard
Garter Snake
Georgia Blind Salamander
Glass Lizard (Eastern, Island, Mimic, Slender)
Gopher Tortoise
Green Anole
Green Salamander
Hognose Snake (Eastern, Southern)
Indigo Snake
Kingsnake (Black, Eastern, Mole, Scarlet)
Map Turtle (Alabama, Barbour's, Common)
Mud Snake
One-toed Amphiuma
Pigeon Mountain Salamander
Pine Snake (Florida, Northern)
Pine Woods Snake
Queen Snake
Rainbow Snake
Rat Snake (Black, Gray, Yellow)
Redbellied Snake
Ribbon Snake
Ringneck Snake
Rough Green Snake
Scarlet Snake
Sea Turtle (Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Loggerhead, Ridley)
Six-lined Racerunner
Skink (Broadhead, Coal, Five-lined, Southeastern Five-lined, Ground, Mole)
Spotted Turtle
Striped Newt
Water Snake (Banded, Brown, Florida Green, Northern, Redbelly)
Worm Snake