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Well, I called FedEx on the phone, and after wading through their virtual phone assistant and asking for "REPRESENTATIVE" several times, I finally got to talk to a real person. She checked on the package and told me it was showing as being damaged in transit and therefore undeliverable. I'm thinking that perhaps the driver caught some hell from corporate about my BBB complaints about his dropping my packages off at the end of the driveway and may be purposely damaging these incoming packages. The jam is probably in glass jars and I doubt Sam's Club is packing them well enough to be bomb proof. Anyway, just seems very odd that in both instances the packages come through Memphis, TN, and then Ellenwood, GA before showing up as being damaged in Tallahassee. Or maybe the Tallahassee, FL FedEx depot is just having some employee issues with their entire team. Heck, I'm not going to be shy about filing yet another BBB complaint about them. Honestly, that is the ONLY way I can get any sort of response out of them these days.

I suppose the prudent thing to do is to request any carrier other than FedEx where ever that is an option for me. Unfortunately many places do not give you the option and they seem to select carriers in what seems like a random fashion.