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The volume thing has already been mentioned.

Express (with such options as Priority Overnight which we use for animal shipment) and Ground/other operate as independent business units or did the last time I had to deal with a BU interoperability snafu (someone sent me an animal using non-Express, which is quite bad, to a local Express facility that I use for live animal receipt...during hot weather in 2018).

I have seen some delays with some (fewer than 10%) Express packages lately, but this was dependent on the destination and whether or not a hold-at-facility option is taken (which I recommend if feasible for live packages). I am still shipping live packages safely using Priority Overnight, but with the overall plan and the endpoint being considered strongly before doing so.

This does not help at all with the Ground/other situation, but I wanted to mention the independence of the two business units so that it is understood that the failings of one BU are not necessarily interlaced with the operations of the other BU, depending upon where the point of failure is occurring.