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Well, I was surprised this morning around 11:15 by the driveway alarm going off. They were delivering the packages today although they are technically closed. I didn't get to bed till a bit past 04:30am. I was just seething too much to go to sleep. Connie went out, as I was still groggy from the splitting headache I had overnight and the anger hormones in my bloodstream.

Apparently the driver today wasn't the one who ran the route yesterday, and he didn't seem to have a clue about the delivery supposed to have been yesterday and why the other driver lied about the attempted delivery. I feel a bit better that I won't be waiting till Wednesday to get them, but it's pretty tough coming up from that anger nova burst I had last night. I had already decided to tell FedEx to shove it and send them back, but Connie's logic was something on the order of "why let FedEx's screwups stand in the way of something you really want?" I guess she is right. Cutting off you nose to spite your face probably feels justified when you do it, I suppose.

I know they say that all is well that ends well, but heck, that is not quite true. The memory of the trip to get there will still linger. And I doubt my opinion of FedEx will change much just because they finally did do the job they were paid to do in the first place. Yeah, someone got paid overtime to deliver on a holiday. That should make me feel better, but somehow it really doesn't.