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66% Poss Het Sunset GROUP (Lesser, Cinnamon, Normal)

$1250 - The group (6 snakes) includes 2.1 2019 Cinnamon 66% ph Sunset, 2.0 2019 Lesser 66% ph Sunset, & 1.0 Normal 66% ph Sunset. You can pick and choose which snakes you want to keep and which you want to resell to recoup some of your money. Some of these have some funky coloring and patterning that could very well suggest the Sunset gene is present. We just need to make room for ongoing projects and weren't able to move them at the fall shows.

This is an opportunity to get on the ground floor of one of the hottest new morphs around! These het sunset babies are all from a Lesser Het Sunset male X Cinnamon Het Sunset OR Normal Het Sunset female. There were visuals from both of these pairings.

Shipping through SYR not included in price. Happy to answer any questions.

Pics should be in the following order (I can only post 4):
2020 Lesser male #2
2019 Cinn male #1
2020 Lesser male #3
2019 Cinn female #4

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