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The End of Summer...what do YOU think

Does anyone else get depressed as the end of summer draws near?

The nights are cooler, the leaves are changing, all the little animals are trying to find lots of food, the deer are more active, the sky seems clearer and darker at night, and I just want to find someone to crawl into bed with and sleep the rest of the year away....... I don't want to see this ending.

I love summer, the heat, the humidity, the beach, the hot sweaty sticky uncomfortable feeling you get on those day when the thunderstorms are building, the lightning flashing across the sky, people wear fewer clothes and seem more open...friendlier, you can go outside just to stop being inside and you don't have to get dressed to do it, wanderlust and the endless call of the night.

Spring is the youth of the year, summer is adulthood in full swing, autumn is the "old age" before the winters "death". Yes, then comes another spring and a rebirth, but the long wait and the cold and lethargy that comes with the declining weather.....I don't know. Maybe if I was a winter person it would be different, but alas I am not. I like the feel of the night air in the summer, caressing my bare skin after a midnight swim, the scents and sounds, the birds and animals, the energy and the life.

Some autumn days are priceless in their beauty and have their own intensity, but the cold and rain and the barrenness that it brings***deep sigh****

How does everyone else feel about the changing seasons?

I know there are many geographic differences (as well as personal differences), so you might not see or feel what I do. I'd like to hear what you have to say.