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"Het Snow" Sand Boas?

Apologies up-front if this is a stupid question. I have 30+ years experience with Corn Snakes but I'm new to Sand Boas and having difficulty finding reliable info on them. I keep seeing ads for Kenyan Sand Boas that are "Het Snow". In corns, Snow is a recessive trait combo of Anery and Amel. In other words, technically there is no such thing as a cornsnake that is "Het Snow", as you could only guarantee that you will produce Snows by breeding 2 Snows together. Certainly there are other ways to get Snow CornSnakes, there just is no such thing as a "Snow Gene".

Are KSB's advertised as "Het Snow" actually just 100% Het Anery and 100% Het Amel, or is Snow in KSB's different somehow? Any insights greatly appreciated.