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BTW, I moved this into the SOUND OFF forum because it really is not about shipping live animals. But on the other hand, I guess it could apply to shipping herp related merchandise.

But on the other other hand, they really do piss me off, hence it really is a SOUND OFF.

Last week I had a rather large box just left down at the end of the driveway, wide open and visible to the road. The FedEx driver claimed he left the package at the "gated driveway", implying that the gate was closed. That gate hasn't been closed for YEARS. Guess it sounds better to management than to just say "I was too lazy to deliver it to the house."

Luckily I got to it before someone noticed it while driving by and just picked it up and tossed it into the bed of their pickup truck.

Prior to THIS, I was supposed to get a package from Home Depot via FedEx, that just never showed up. FedEx claims it was delivered, but who knows where? I contacted FedEx and was told I needed to go to the shipper (Home Depot). I contacted Home Depot, and they said that since FedEx's tracking status shows the package as being delivered, I needed to dispute the payment with my credit card. Sheesh... But dispute it, I did. I got the money credited back to my account, but no telling what more will come of this. I reordered what I needed elsewhere. I guess the plan from all involved is to just make such things as big of a hassle and headache as possible with the victims of such incidents.