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I had a Amazon item delivered used and heavily damaged (I paid for new); they don't actually look at returned items, but just toss them back onto the pile. Anyway, I got a return authorization, returned it and tracking showed it delivered. Amazon claimed they didn't receive it and charged me for it again. I disputed the charge with my CC (half hour on the phone, digging up trivial and materially irrelevant details) and gave them the tracking number. Amazon countered by simply denying I ever returned it, and responded to my direct questions about the situation with non sequiturs. My CC company now wants a pile of paperwork faxed to them to continue the claim. It is a $30 item; I give up, but I'm doing Xmas shopping elsewhere (like Amazon will notice, but it makes me feel a bit better).
AmEx or a different CC? My AmEx has always had my back with minimal issues when there's been a problem with a vendor.