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I decided to sell her as I have sold/rehomed all my BRB collection of 20 years and have made an investment in Sonoran and Leopard boas. Here she is! She would make an excellent pet or I suppose a breeding project. Although I am finding, after decades of watching what has happened to captive boas and morphing, I like to see BRB's stay as they are. She is cherry red, with bright orange crescents and dark contrast sides. All her lines and saddles close. The dark "whites out" at night or depending on humidity. She is Stunning. She is very friendly. Her blood line is from a Hummel x Collings (Clover/Daisy) line. The top picture was literally right before she shed. She is feeding on frozen small rats and occasionally frozen adult mice. She is hardy and healthy. I accept any form of payment, check, cash if you are local, or PayPal. Feel free to call me, or write me. Shipping will be contingent on temperatures; unless you are local or prepared to come get him. If you call, you are welcome to reiterate our conversations in writing, but I like to hear the voice of the caller as there are all kinds of people out there. I am looking for certain qualities in my buyers: rational, calm, drama free-people, who have knowledge of the breed and have the appropriate caging, heating, humidity, substrate, etc for this animal. I will ask to see a photo of your set up and your experience with snakes. $700 OBO.