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Mountain Tortoises

Mountain Tortoises are simply amazing and we believe they're the best type of large tortoise for many people based on:
  1. Big Personalities
  2. At 24in long; fun but not too big to pick up
  3. Comfortable outside year round in Southern US (Climate Data)
  4. Health hardy; Eat everything
  5. Won't dig like Sulcata
  6. Nest above ground like alligators; finding eggs is easy
  7. Species worthy of your time and resources to conserve
2022 Mountain Tortoises looking for new homes!

Hatched and raised outside in Texas:

Northern Black Mountain Tortoises (Manouria emys phayrei)

If interested, send a quick email!


All tortoises under 4 inches in length are for education, research, exhibition or zoological purposes only; not sold as pets.

Learn about Mountain Tortoises at:
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