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Help! Gravid burmese!

I primarely do reptile rescue. I've bought and sold some snakes over the years, but never bred them. Now I've taken in a 12' female burmese and she appears gravid to me. She came with a male, and they had been cooled and put together for about a month, they've been seperated for 3-5 weeks and she's much thicker in the lower region than he is.
Can someone please help me with what to do? In what to do, I'm asking for advice on substrate, whether or not I should buy an incubator or just let her do it herslef, etc.

I currently have her on newspaper, in an 80-85 degree enclosure.

I was just bombarded with the "don't let the eggs hatch" spiel on another board because of the high rate of mistreatment and abandonment of burms, and yes I've already considered all this, and still plan to hatch them, I will not freeze them, nor will I make omletes from them, they are living beings and deserve a chance, all I can do is attempt to locate them the best homes possible.

If anyone has any constructive advice, please reply.