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Vivarium Plants

[emoji845]Have lots of terrarium plants available[emoji845]

Acclimated to vivarium conditions and great easy plants for beginners

Flowering Size Calvoa Sessiflora ON SALE!! $22 each or two for $40 (Many Available)

Solanum Evolvofolium ON SALE!! $15 each or two for $25 (Many Available)

Solanum Uleanum $65

Piper Sumatra Pink Vein $60 each 3 available

Begonia Otto Forester $15

Ficus Villosa Cutting $25 each

Add Ons
Ludisia Discolor Cutting $5
Rhaphidophora korthalsii Cutting$20

[emoji403] Shipping is Flat rate of $15 USPS Priority From

Please feel free to pm for more pictures they are too annoying to post all here

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