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So was anyone holding their breath thinking I was going to get that shipment?

Beautiful shade of blue you are probably wearing right now.

And gee, this is REALLY special. Note the below attached pics.

FedEx is claiming that attempted to make a delivery at 09:26pm on 09-05-2021. That is a bald faced lie. And I can prove it. I have security cameras monitoring my entire driveway. NONE of them show any vehicle whatsoever coming into our driveway anywhere near that time. And yeah, that is trying to prove a negative, and you would have me there EXCEPT for one thing. One of the cameras (all of which trigger on motion) had a strand of a spider web running across the camera, so it was continually recording nearly continuously from 08:03pm thru 09:45pm. That would even show a vehicle stopping or even just passing by the end of out driveway because of the headlights. There is nothing of the sort. So the driver, quite simply just LIED about attempting the delivery.

And it gets even better. There is a statement in one of the screen captures stating they will attempt another delivery on the next business day. Because of the holiday on Monday, that should be Tuesday, shouldn't it? So why are they saying delivery has been rescheduled for Wednesday instead?

FedEx tries REAL hard to keep people from being able to speak with them, so I guess I will be filing another Better Business Bureau complaint against them. In the past, this has proven to be the only way I have been able to get their attention.

What a bunch of bozos, in my opinion. I am SOOO glad I retired and don't have to depend on them for my livelihood. Yeah, maybe the overnight service is much better, but it's that birds of a feather thing. Hard to believe that one arm would be great and the other arm be pretty much brain dead. Again, IMHO.
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