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It's my best friends- she is not a snake person. She loves reptiles, enjoys snakes but hates feeding them rats/mice so maybe her son has a chance with this one If it were me, I would keep it. Heck I told her if she finds any more, send it my way.
I personally am against the pit tag law, no problems with license but will NOT pit tag. Terry from Captive Born here in Columbus went to jail over not pit tagging his animals. Personally I think there are better things our government can spend money on than legislation to ban exotics. Right now HB 643 is a big issue here. Ahhh feel soap box coming on, will stop now before I go on a tangent.
http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/b...?ID=126_HB_643 is the link if you are interested in reading up on it. Pythons/boas over 8 feet are on the list.