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Breeders and dealers

Hello fellow breeders first of all I want to thank each and every one of you out ther cause if it weren't for yall i wouldn't have ben able to experience my life with crocodiles,caimans,and alligators and as we all know it none of us probably wouldn't have if it weren't for the exotic reptile trade not the (pet) trade as some people are calling it !!!!???? All of us passionate keepers and breeders are all aware that these are not pets and to say that yall are getting more intelligent is very offensive cause the way I know for sure is that if your breeding or dealing crocodilians in America or importing them you my friends are far from stupid or unintelligent I admire everythang yall have kept and bred successfully and offered to the real passionate crocodilian exotic reptile enthusiast so please keep up the good work by importing cb breeding and dealing cause we all know that individuals cb sometimes is the only way to save some of our beutiful crocodilians and another thing we know is not to say humans are stupid inexperienced some for sure but I know yall have good enough judgement not to sale to these types of humans again keep up the good work keep breeding and dealing thanks for the years with my crocs !!!!