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Possible Double-het Albino Anthrax (sale prices)

These babies are from my male extreme granite-back het anthrax bred to a lavender female. The male was purchased from PP and has produced anthrax babies (I have one of them from him that should breed this year). He was an offspring from the original NERD anthrax breeding. The female is a large lavender albino.

Bred together these have the potential to produce albino anthrax.

I plan to keep a group of these guys but also need to sell some of them. They have eaten repeatedly and shed several times.

I have more males than females at this time so males are less expensive than females. I reduced the price further because I need to make some space. Trades are considered but trade value is higher than cash value.

Prices are:
0.1 $450
1.0 $250

These prices are lower than I wanted to go. Where else can you spend $700 and potentially create snakes worth more than $10k each?

Pictures can be found at www.facebook.com/pages/Wenninger-Reptiles. Thanks for looking!