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Ball Pythons- Juvie- Adult. ***New Prices***

Here is a current list of available Ball Pythons. More will be added. Reasonable offers accepted. Multiple purchase discount. $50.00 flat rate shipping. Please email me with any questions or information needed. AF1Bird@gmail.com
Adult Females:
Pastel Spotnose- $500.00***SOLD***
Lemonblast YB- $500.00***SOLD***
Super Fire Possible YB- $650.00***SOLD***
Het Clown ***SOLD***
Clown ***SOLD***
(2) Pastel Clown- $1800.00 each***BOTH SOLD***
Enchi Spotnose- $500.00***SOLD***
Butter Spotnose- $500.00***SOLD***
Super Pastel GHI- $700.00***SOLD***
Calico Firefly YB- $700.00 ***SOLD***
Enchi- $350.00***SOLD***
Super Pastel Leopard YB (Possible Het Ghost And Pied)- $1000.00***SOLD***
Spotnose Leopard- $800.00***SOLD***
Mahogany Pastave- $700.00 ***SOLD***
Super Pastel Butter Pin YB- $700.00***SOLD***
Pastel Lesser Clown- $1700.00***SOLD***
Gravel- $1000.00*SOLD***

Adult Males:
Black Pastel 100% Het Albino- $250.00 ***SOLD***
Clown- $300.00***SOLD***
Crystal (TCR)- $300.00***SOLD***
Disco Inferno- $300.00***SOLD***
BlackHead Mojave YB- $700.00 ***SOLD***
Spotnose Granite YB- $250.00***SOLD***
Mardi Gras- $1200.00***SOLD***
BumbleBee Clown- $450.00***SOLD***
Pastel Lesser Clown Possible Enchi- $800.00***SOLD***
Pastel Enchi Orange Dream- $350.00***SOLD***

Adult Pair:
Ghost 100% Het Clown- 850.00***SOLD***

Sub Adult/Juvie Females:
Pastel Enchi Clown- $1500.00***SOLD***
Pastave Spotnose Possible Red Gene ***SOLD***
Leopard Pastave Fire- $1000.00***SOLD***
Bongo YB- $500.00***SOLD***
Bongo Pastave- $500.00***SOLD***

Sub Adult/Juvie Males:
GHI 100% Het Clown- $400.00***SOLD***
Highway ***SOLD***