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Tons of Chameleons available*look inside*

We currently have an excess of w.c animals available. here is what we have.

Mt Meru jackson subadult pair. $250 shipped
Mt meru jacksons juvenile pair(3.5-4 inches!perfect size) $225 shipped.
1.1 exceptional pair of rudis chameleons. Male has great coloration, good body weight, and both are eating well $125 shipped for the pair.
1.1 c. fuellebornii nice pair, female may be gravid $140/pair shipped.
1. adult male hawaian jackson . $65 shipped
1 w.c male c.hoehnellii $80 shipped
1 established female c.bitaneatus $65 shipped
1 female c.werneri been in country for about 3 mo. $85 shipped, gravid
(pictures are not of exact animals available, but are for species representation only)
We accept paypal for payment, for ordering instructions contact,
Nick Mole
First Choice Reptiles