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Post Available Ball Pythons

We are a family based business that aims to produce top quality ball pythons. We hold a small collection but pride ourselves in the hard work and time we put into each individual animal.

Most of the ball pythons below are listed on our website or up on morphmarket with photos

Website: Infinitescalesinfo.com
Morphmarket: https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/infinite_scales/

M Black Pastel Pastel Blade Het Clown Genetic Stripe 50% Het Hypo - $1,300
M Hypo Pastel Mojave - $250
M Hypo Mojave - $175
M Spider Blade Pinstripe Het Clown - $300
M Blade Super Pastel Lesser Het Clown - $400
M Super Pastel Blade Het Clown - $200
M Fire Blitz het Hypo - $200
M Champagne Het Hypo - $250
M Super Pastel Pinstripe Spider Yellowbelly $350
M Pastel Ivory - $250
M Pastel Banana Possible Specter - $200
M Spider Pinstripe Yellowbelly - $200
M Pastel Spider Ivory - $275
M Pastel Cinnamon Leopard - $250
M Super Mojave Poss GHI 66% Het Hypo - $300
M Mojave Orange Dream Het Hypo - $250
F Mojave Yellowbelly - $150
F Pastel Wookie - $1,500
F Pastel Spider Yellowbelly - $250
F Super Mojave Poss GHI 66% Het Hypo - $350

Open to trades as well

If you need anymore information feel free to email me or message me on Instagram

email: infinitescales.2020@gmail.com
Instagram: Infinite_Scales

Thank you,