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~Just Curious~
Just my two cents~

IMHO I find them convenient when I'm ordering items, however if it's a live animal then I'm going to care more and want to speak to the seller about it.

Also I feel that the ones where each individual animal is pictured with it's gender/weight listed, when it has it's own ID number with a "buy now" button near it, is better than when you simply have a random representative image of the species/morph, no specific weight/hatchdate or other info given, and just have people click which gender they want.
I guess some animals aren't all that different, so taking a picture of each might be redundant, or maybe you don't need it to be anything specific, so I can see how that slides sometimes. But personally I usually want to know how it's feeding and like to see how it's pattern/color sets it apart (typically the ad already has a picture of it) those sort of things. I've really only had this take one, maybe two, quick emails so it isn't that inconvenient. I guess if you get enough customers it certainly would get tiring though...

Up to you~