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Sorry, I have to call you out on those shoes and socks...

I know what ya mean though. I do maintenance and I.T work at a police dept. About 2 weeks ago a relay in the master electrical switch that makes transfer after a power outage to generator went bad. You had to manually throw switch off then back on after power restored before generator would kick off. A job I was not comfortable doing.

They sent out this kid and I had a bad feeling. He proceeds to stick a screw driver in a live box that has 440 volts. I turned my head away just as it exploded. Sounded like a bomb going off and everyone in the building running around like decapitated chickens.

Chewed his ass out good. Luckily I was able to get back power before all the UPS's shut down. Got generator turned off and cleaned my pants out. Called company and they said we'll have there top guy out with in an hour and kid left. Luckily not in a Hearst and all his limbs.

Any way good job Rich!