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1.1 Cay Caulker Boas (Proven Breeders)

Hi All,

I have the following up for sale:
1.1 Cay Caulker Boas - This pair was purchased from from Rio Bravo directly by a local friend of mine. He slow raised them for 4 years before needing to thin his collection, which is where I got lucky and was able to pick them up in mid 2012. They bred in late 2012, producing 9 babies and 1 unfertilized in 2013. Both are very classic looking Cay Caulker's but the male has nicer contrast. They are a nice small size and will be ready to breed this year. I am looking for $400.00 for the pair.

These are breeders, although they are not mean they do have strong feeding response and are looking for food when you open the cage.

I have been unable to breed this pair for the last 2 years due to personal obligations but if these do not get to a new home in the near future I will be keeping and breeding them this winter.

Bonus: I have a hold back from their 2013 clutch that I will include with the pair.

Trades: Oddball chameleons or quality bloodline panther chameleons.

I am located in North Orange County, CA and would strongly prefer local sales but am open to shipping (which is not included in the price). I am open to reasonable offers. Feel free to PM with any questions.

Edit: I'm unsure why the pictures are not showing, I will upload new pictures this evening.