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Socratic Monologue
An argument could be made that humans should not hold other animals captive. If it were to be a consistent argument (which is the only kind worth listening to), it would entail:

-- not keeping any pets (exotics, dogs, cats, fish),

-- not eating any meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or honey,

--not wearing any animal products such as wool or leather,

-- not drinking wine (mostly clarified with products from animals who were held captive before being killed),

-- not drinking any beer (which is most of them) that uses animal-derived fining agents, lactose or honey,

-- not holding animals captive by living in towns or cities that contribute to severe habitat fragmentation,

-- not using the public roads or contributing to them by paying taxes, as roads hold animals captive by severely fragmenting habitat (on pain of death for crossing those boundaries),

--not eating USDA organically grown food or using organically grown fibers (which are fertilized using the waste from captive animals), or eating any food or using any fibers that are grown with the use of animal waste fertilizer (which is most grains and some cotton, at least).

So far, I've never met anyone, nor even heard of anyone, who sincerely advances this argument. Your family members may be the first, but likely they simply don't understand what they're saying.