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Kingsnake Genetics Help

I have a question concerning genetics in California kingsnakes. I'm wondering if I breed a co-dom morph would the non visual babies be het for that morph?

I understand recessive genes pretty well. But I don't really know how co-dom works. I did breed my "tire track" (guess that what he's called) with a dot-dash stripe and got a clutch half "tire track" and have dot-dash stripe. Meaning that this "tire track" look is also co-dom which I didn't know before hand. But I'm curious if the non dot-dash babies are het for "tire track" and vise versa with the "tire track" babies being het stripe? Or will there be no hets with co-dom parents?

Also why the heck are tire track so dang rare? I thought it was supposed to be common. But do a google search on it and all you will see are snakes that are not tire track kingsnakes and pictures of my snakes! I always assumed it was just some random pattern that popped up in mosaic clutches. But my guy isn't random he proved to be co-dom. So I don't understand why there isn't more hanging around out there.

I personally don't like the name tire track.