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I haven't worked with kingsnakes in about 15 yrs, so I'm useless as far as morph information....but the genetics terms are not unique, so this might help:
A codominant trait is one in which the normal form, heterozygous form, and homozygous form are all visibly different from one another. You can tell a heterozygous from a normal or a homozygous at a glance.
With that knowledge, think of co-dom morphs as visual hets; because that is what they are. (Sorry I can't plug in applicable king morphs, to make this clearer).
Take what you know about recessive traits, and substitute codom for het...the homozygous form has different names, depending on the type, and I can't put that in kingsnake terms.

het x normal = 50% normal, 50% het
het x het = 25% normal, 50% het, 25% homo
het x homo = 50% het, 50% homo
homo x homo = 100% homo
Now, unlike working with recessives, the hets are clearly different from the normals; so you don't have to deal with 50% het, 66% het, 100% het. They are either het, or they aren't.