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Rob Hill/Geckos Anonymous
Adult Female Viper Boa & Anery Kenyan...

I currently have this beautiful adult female Viper Boa(Candoia aspera) For sale.

She has been in my collection several months and is feeding on frozen/thawed small mice. Nippy like most Viper Boas, but definitely a well established and super healthy animal. Most definitely NOT a fresh import.


I also have available 1.0 roughly 8 month old Anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boa. Feeding on frozen/thawed large pinky and small fuzzy mice. Sorry, no picture of him at this time.


Shipping available through Delta Dash, though local sales are preferred. I am willing to drive a fair distance to meet you for delivery, but if you are near the Atlanta, GA area you are more than welcome to swing by my home to check her out in person.

I will also be at the Atlanta Reptile Show next weekend with lots of animals.